Worldbuilding in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Tutor: Dilman Dila

Date: 15th March to 10th April 2021

Time: Saturday & Sunday at 16:00-17:00hrs (GMT+3)

Duration: 4 weeks

Cost: £70/$100

Class size: 10 max

This class will take place online via Zoom and is open to students from anywhere.


World Building in Science Fiction and Fantasy: How to create authentic and original worlds and characters.
While science fiction and fantasy has, in recent years, gone mainstream, many creators are heavily influenced by works of popular culture, which in turn are largely based on Western (European) mythologies, and so we see dragons and Thor’s hammer popping up in a story set in an African community. While this is not inconceivable in today’s global village, this class will help you create works grounded in your culture and history, and which readers will find new, original, and fresh.
The class will be divided into two sections, one dedicated to creating characters and another to creating the world in which the characters live, and will include writing exercises.
  • While not necessary, a basic understanding of science fiction and fantasy is helpful.

This class is currently closed.