Welcome to Lolwe Classes!

Here, you will be able to attend virtual creative writing classes by some of the best African writers. The classes will be conducted in the workshop style with critical engagement and guidance from established and experienced teachers. For the duration of the class, we’ll ensure that maximum attention is given to each person’s work and that they achieve their set goals. The feedback will be tailored in an attentive way that caters to the needs of the writer and their work.

All classes will be held online via Zoom, therefore giving everyone a chance to be a part of this creative experience. So whether you’re in Lagos or Windhoek, Nairobi or Dakar, Cairo or Bangui you’ll be able attend the classes and learn from your favourite authors.

Current Classes

Worldbuilding in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Dilman Dila

4 weeks

Magical Realism and Surrealism

TJ Benson

4 weeks

Liminal Crime Writing

Hawa Jande-Golakai

2.5 weeks